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Reading in 2020

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

So far I’ve closed out four books! My aim is always fifty books.

  • The Broom of the System by David Foster Wallace (5/5)
  • Normal People by Sally Rooney (3/5)
  • The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (5/5)
  • The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. (5/5)

If there was ever a time to revisit The Jungle, it’s now. Though, depressing as hell, it’s (sadly) still as relevant as ever. Having been published over 100 years ago (again, sad) it details the plight of the worker (a Lithuanian immigrant by the name of Jurgis) under the crush of capitalism, its unsustainable over-extraction and destruction on everything it touches (life, soul, the earth). With the pandemic, it’s definitely showing capitalisms unpreparedness, weakness and breaking point. The world cannot continue under these circumstances, I think COVID-19 is earth’s warning shot1.

  1. It’s a wonder the amount of infestation, disease and greed didn’t lead to our own downfall at the turn of the century in the stock yards of Chicago. []