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Being Left-Handed

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

Technically I’m (sort of) ambidextrous as I play guitar, drums and use a mouse right-handed. We lefties understand we are always fighting (and having to pay extra) for the “left-handed version of $x,” but it didn’t dawn on me until the other day that notebooks are biased as well!1

I keep various handwritten journals / log books and it dawned on me while smudging my way through a note the other night that maybe I don’t actually have terrible handwriting. Off-the-shelf Moleskins and the like have been working against me all this time. A quick search led me down a rabbit hole of techniques I should have been taught as a child in grade school o_O

Let me explain for those of you “normal” people…

We are plagued by over-tight grip, smudging (we push rather than pull the pen) and some of us develop a “hook” writing style where the hand is hooked around the top of the writing line in attempt not to smudge the work.

The binding issue is laid out perfectly by Mike Conklin over at the Gear Patrol site (I’ve never heard of this site until my search) and he even offers a notebook brand I may try in the future.

With any of the thicker, more substantially bound notebooks on the market — the Moleskine being the perfect example — the spines are so stiff that they don’t stay open. For a right-handed person, this presents less of a problem, as they can fairly easily use their left hand to hold the notebook open while writing freely with their right. For me, this is not the case: the cover of the notebook and whatever pages I’ve already used fall to the right and essentially lean on my left hand as I write. It’s insanely uncomfortable, and, worse, makes it extremely difficult to get to the left-most portions of the page I’m trying to write on. Think I’m being dramatic? I probably am, but still.

Smudging… as writing left-handed means I’m going inward and my sweaty palm is smearing the ink as I write. The trick seems to be in paper placement and the tripod grip an inch from the tip.

Place your sheet of paper a little to the left of the center of your body, and turn it clockwise by about 30 degrees. It helps force your hand underneath the writing line, as opposed to trailing directly behind it. This prevents your hand from obstructing your view of your writing, and also eliminates the problem of smudging.

Two other useful tips are flipping your notebooks upside down and work from the back and to also use a ballpoint pens as they have quick-drying ink.

  1. Did you know millions of lefties die every year using products designed for right-handed people? []

Mastering Pizza

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

My wife has mastered the dough and I do my magic.


Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

I was introduced to the “Solarpunk” movement over the weekend via the Imaginary Worlds podcast. I’m big on Cyberpunk as an aesthetic and form of entertainment, however, the future it paints (and in most cases has already become a reality) is quite grim.

Solarpunk on the other hand…

Solarpunk is about finding ways to make life more wonderful for us right now, and more importantly for the generations that follow us – i.e., extending human life at the species level, rather than individually. Our future must involve repurposing and creating new things from what we already have (instead of 20th century “destroy it all and build something completely different” modernism). Our futurism is not nihilistic like cyberpunk and it avoids steampunk’s potentially quasi-reactionary tendencies: it is about ingenuity, generativity, independence, and community.

Windy Walk to Djurgården

Friday, April 17th, 2020
Photo taken by my wife, not a COVID-19 passerby.

Zenburn for BBEdit

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Being grounded for the foreseeable future has allowed me to finish up some lingering projects. I’ve made an adaptation of Jani Nurminen’s Zenburn color scheme for BBEdit. I use Zenburn across all my favorite applications and up until now BBEdit was the odd one out. Feel free to use, tweak and send pull requests.

The source, install instructions and screenshot can be found on my GitHub.

Rent Cancelled for the Month of April

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

via The New York Times

Of all the landlords in New York City, my old landlord Mario Salerno has been making the rounds this past week for waiving April rent across his properties.

When I moved to New York my first apartment was one of his properties right around the corner from Salerno Service Station1 on Lorimer and Grand in Brooklyn, you can’t miss it during the holidays…

When Mr. Gentile spotted the sign last week, he said he was surprised but not shocked. For the nearly four years Mr. Gentile has lived in the apartment, Mr. Salerno has been a model landlord.

Emergencies are fixed almost immediately, he said, such as a water leak in Mr. Gentile’s ceiling that was fixed, patched and painted within several hours.

“You don’t see that, especially in a landlord-tenant relationship in New York City,” Mr. Gentile, 28, said. “He’s amazing.”

☝🏼 This I can definitely confirm. He’s not your typical “evil money grubbing deadbeat” NYC landlord caricature. It was always a prompt and fair exchange. Let’s hope he starts a trend.

  1. There used to be a short documentary on Vimeo about the Salerno Service Station, unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it anymore… []

Office Dog!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Now that I’m working from home, I finally get an office dog (his name is Logan). I mean, he’s my dog, but now he gets to be with me all day. He loves sweet potato, sun bathing and barking. This desk is a bit too small for him to hide under, but he makes it work.

For my friends still using Facebook…

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

via Vice via Violet Blue via JWZ

Facebook is currently suing NSO for how the hacking firm leveraged a vulnerability in WhatsApp to help governments hack users. NSO sells a product called Pegasus, which allows operators to remotely infect cell phones and lift data from them.

(…) “The Facebook representatives stated that Facebook was concerned that its method for gathering user data through Onavo Protect was less effective on Apple devices than on Android devices,” the court filing reads. “The Facebook representatives also stated that Facebook wanted to use purported capabilities of Pegasus to monitor users on Apple devices and were willing to pay for the ability to monitor Onavo Protect users.”

Facebook proposed to pay NSO a monthly fee for each Onavo Protect user, the filing adds.

Facebook Wanted NSO Spyware to Monitor Users, NSO CEO Claims

Literally the “Internet of Shit”

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

via Twitter

The ‘smart’ toilet, which is self-contained and operates autonomously by leveraging pressure and motion sensors, analyses the user’s urine using a standard-of-care colorimetric assay that traces red–green–blue values from images of urinalysis strips, calculates the flow rate and volume of urine using computer vision as a uroflowmeter, and classifies stool according to the Bristol stool form scale using deep learning, with performance that is comparable to the performance of trained medical personnel. Each user of the toilet is identified through their fingerprint and the distinctive features of their anoderm1, and the data are securely stored and analysed in an encrypted cloud server. The toilet may find uses in the screening, diagnosis and longitudinal monitoring of specific patient populations.
  1. Your butthole []

Scripting Safari

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

If you are a Mac user, AppleScript is a lifesaver to speed up repetitive tasks. I thought I’d share one of my most used AppleScripts, this will take every tab of every open Safari window and add to your reading list.

To quickly access this script, enable the “Script Menu” by first opening /Applications/Utilities/Script > Preferences > “Show script menu in menu bar.”

Once enabled, we can download and place the “Safari – Add All to Reading List.scpt” under ~/Library/Scripts and you will now have easy access to run this script.